New HestiaPi Touch for 65EUR?

So you want a cheaper HestiaPi? OK, let’s try to cut down some costs for you:

  1. Do you already have a RasPi Zero or Zero W sitting? Put it to good use then and remember to add WiFi and adapter in the basket only if needed.
  2. Do you also have a few spare SD cards? Cool!
  3. We can do the difficult soldering (SMD) and leave you the easy standard THT (through-hole terminal) ones for you
  4. To minimise on postage we can post it without the case and let you print it at a local 3D printer or hackerspace

So how about you do all that and we provide all the rest for 65 EUR delivered in a bag?
Send us your views…

Sold for me. Where do I sign?

we are preparing the soldering instructions and will update the shop once it is done. Sunday or Monday…
Will post here too…

We got quite a few requests so we opened pre-orders to allow first comers to be first served.
Sign here :slight_smile: :