New HestiaPi US user


Video is done. Adding some wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings and some more graphics to describe what it does and how it does it in the best way (and avoid questions :wink: )


Thanks for the update. So I guess we could see the crowd funding campaign by the end of the week.


It’s official!
Launch date: Tuesday 7th of May 10 AM PDT
Very limited early bird orders (I think 20)!


I just purchase the HestiaPi Touch Kit – Saver the purpose was use it in the US as my HVAC. Heat and air conditioning. Do I have everything I need I chose this kit because I already had a Pi zero 0 already. We are talking about doing a Youtube video for the assembly and setup and I would like to make sure we have everything to make this work. Please let me know if I need other parts.


How many contacts do you want to control? The “HestiaPi Touch Kit – Saver” has 2 relays, so 2 contacts in total.


Damn I didn’t received the forum notification mail. Can’t wait!


Added the time above (10 AM PDT)


I need 3 based on what I am seeing. I need one for heat, one for AC, and One For Fan. Do I just need another relay? Also can I use the C wire to power the thermostat? Thanks for the help