New HestiaPi US user

I ordered my US version, received it today, and realized that choosing the US version on the HestiaPi Touch product did not mean that I was ordering an HVAC version. There is a whole separate product for HVAC systems, that is also EUR/US. Is there any way to exchange the board? I’m really excited to get this going and was devastated when I realized my mistake. I’ll gladly pay the shipping both ways, especially if it’s just the board and sd card.

I live in Texas. A heater and water heater are useless to control from a smart device 9 months out of the year for me! I can make this one work, but would rather have the right board made for my system.

Thank you in advance!


Hello Dan,
we are really sorry for this misunderstanding if this was not clear on the website.
We are in the process of simplifying things and offer ONE board, ONE product only for everybody.
Till then, we are happy to accept your return and issue an RMA for you (you will get a separate email).
Once we get it we will send the HVAC one.
Please send everything back. Use the original packaging if possible to save you some trouble.
Hope this is good for you.


This is very interesting. Do you have an idea of when the next version will be available?
So I guess the HVAC version that is sold on the website at the moment is able to work without air conditioning the same way a non-HVAC version would?

The HVAC supports the fan control too. The EU version (or non-HVAC) does not need this.
We are not sure when the complete documentation for the HVAC will be published. We are in the process of starting a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs for this.

Ok thanks. I’m in EU (France), and was wondering what version to buy. I don’t have AC, but having the possibility to add one later and control it from HestiaPi for 10 more euro looks the way to go.

That would be for a wired control.
If your AC supports (directly or indirectly with a wifi socket) wifi, you can still do that from any HestiaPi model. Sonoff socket flashed with Tasmota is already supported :wink:

Thanks. I think I’ll buy a non-HVAC model then.

Hey. I just found the HestiaPi crowdfunding page, and noticed Alexa compatibility in description. Will current products be updated with this feature too ? Or will it be a totally different software?

You actually spotted (or Google did) a page that shouldn’t be published publicly yet as there are some understated specs. Modifications are applied as we speak and will be public again.
Alexa compatibility is something that OpenHAB (the backend engine in HestiaPi) already supports so all current versions already support! We haven’t tried it yet though ourselves so we will be glad with some feedback on that one.

Ok. So do you think I should get HestiaPi now or rather wait for the new release?

The crowdfunding will include 2-stage furnace support in terms of hardware.
The software will be available to you via update.
So if you don’t have 2-stage furnace in your home, you can go ahead and buy it before the crowdfunding.

Ok. I have single-stage furnace, but I’m a bit curious and interested in that future crowd funding. Maybe I’ll wait a bit :slight_smile:

You will be one of the early-birds then :wink: Make sure you subscribe or you check regularly although it will run for 30 days once it is launched.
We will need some initial momentum (and “promotion” indeed).

Hello there.

Any news on crowd funding campaign?
I can’t wait :slight_smile:

It will be my birthday on 25/03, and I
was hoping to make myself a nice present as a brand new HestiaPi.

Will you make my birthday wish come true? :smiley:

We are adding some finishing touches but there are a lot of people involved on this so it takes times.
We believe it will be launched around your birthday (+/-5 days) :slight_smile:

That’s good news, thanks!
I will be lurking every morning :slight_smile:


My birthday was already 9 days ago.
Where’s my crowd funding ? :wink:

Will it become available soon?

We are in the final touches of the video with an external company in an opposite timezone. I think it is realistic to say it will be launched next week.

Good news!
I’ll be right here :slight_smile:


It’s next week +1. Any update :wink: