Part number for long pin male header for LCD

I am a new electronics hobbyist and decided to take this on as a project. Some parts were really easy to come by but I spent quite a few hours looking for the perfect header pins for the LCD screen. I finally found Samtec who makes some that have worked well for me and they have been great to work with.

The part number I used is ZSS-113-01-S-D-490 and it works great! It would be awesome if this part number or any other compatible part number could be included in the website.

Thanks for all your work on this!

Hello and welcome to the club :slight_smile:
That part is actually custom made in order to get 2 features.

  1. We need that extra length as the LCD cannot go any closer
  2. The plastic guide reduces the risk of wrong alignment of the LCD to the pins which can kill the touch functionality (permanently :roll_eyes:)
    If this is just for you simply get a long header and make sure you align them correctly before connecting the power.

Oh if you get them custom made then you should definitely look into Samtec! Like I said, they were a joy to work with and I had my header pins within a week of placing my order.

Just to add more option for other newcomers looking to build themselves (like myself),. I got my pin headers here:

Broke to length 2 of them and slapped (soldered) them in.

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