Reboot from display?

I have several times during power outages had the HestiaPI come up before WiFi was available, and once it is up I can’t reboot it without tripping a breaker at the panel, which seems ridiculous.

Is there a way to reboot the HestiaPI without having network connectivity and logging in? If not, can it please be added?

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I am interested in how do this also but for different reasons. I want to display some other information on the screen and have touch input.

The script you want to invoke already exists: ~pi/scripts/

We feel you… It has happened to us too.
The “hard” way is pressing the “hidden” reset button from the right side of the PCB by inserting something plastic through the ventilation hex holes. Please note this is similar to cutting the power so there is a slight chance that if your Pi was actively writing something on the SD, the whole filesystem may get corrupted which means you would need to reflash your card. No one wants that :wink:
The “soft” way is what you asked for and to be honest with the current situation and task list of the project is not near the top. If you would need some guidance I can break down the steps needed for you to experiment.

  1. The UI is HTML based rendered with the help of a framework. You would need to add a button somewhere (possibly a confirmation too)
  2. The UI talks to the back engine over MQTT commands. I don’t think there is a command for the reboot button you see on the web UI’s reboot button. You would need to add it linked directly to the reboot button or with an intermediate variable and the use of a rule monitoring this variable receiving an update to trigger the reboot button.

Sorry for not being much more help at the moment. We are moving production to Asia and software modifications are second priority due to lack of time and lack of physical availability of test devices.
Hope this helps a little.

There isn’t.

Your first suggestion is the best. Create a new Thing and then a new Channel to subscribe to what ever topic you configure the UI to publish to. Make sure to configure the Channel to treat the message as a command. Then link that channel to the RebootCommand Item.