Received wrong AC-DC converter

This should have been a Hi-Link 24VAC-5VDC converter but I received this one instead which does not mount directly on the PCB and has wires that are too big to go through the holes (I know how to fix this and don’t need advice).

Where did you get this from? Not sure what a Hi-Link 24VAC-5VDC is. Please share the link from the store you bought it.

This came from Crowd Supply via Mouser Electronics. Perhaps someone who understands the hardware should reply to this question. Here is a link to where the converter (PSU, if you will) is being fitted to the PCB:
Hi-Link AC-DC converter

I’m with you now :slight_smile:
The PCB is common for EU model (Hi-Link PSU) and HVAC model (the PSU you have).
There are 2 sets of holes. For the HVAC model you have, use the ones on the right and not the ones under the Hi-Link. The holes are also larger and perpendicular to the blue terminal block. Snap the plastic side holders of the PSU first and attach to the PCB with double sided tape or a drop of superglue.

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