Relay turns on when booting

Hi all,

I got my DIY Hestiapi working, but i’m encountering some weird behaviour.

I redid some work on the PCB so i only have 1 relay connected to the Heating pin originally defined by HestiaPi.

This is so i can switch a DC signal with HestiaPi (a regular Relay is connected)

The problem is that this Relay is Active-Low (it switches on when the GPIO pin is LOW.

When booting the HestiaPi, initially the relay is off (not activated) but at about 230 seconds left, the Relay gets activated (Pin LOW) until it’s done initializing, and then goes HIGH (thus de-activating the relay)

Is there anything i can do about this behaviour? is this defined in any of the files?

This is how raspberry works and it was beyond our project to try modify such an important file that may affect others who will only install part of our code. I would advise to redo the PCB to make the relay active-high.

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