Relays in the Way of Screen/Pin Header

It has been quite a journey and a good learning experience finding parts and building the HestiaPi Thermostat. I have ran into a new issue though that caused me to have to un-solder the pin header for the screen. Seems the relays that I have are too large/pin header is too short. I do have the correct relays as they are OMRON G3MB-202P. My question is, is there another pin header I should be using than the one I have as it seems the one i have is too short? I have looked around but do they make longer pin headers? In the picture it is kind of hard to see but the pins closest to the relays are slightly lifted above the holes they should be inserted into.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Here it is where the screen is attached to the pin header on the raspberry pi to show more of the relays in the way.
Google Photos

If anyone has another idea besides a larger pin header, I am open ears.


Pin header is indeed with longer pins. 15mm long to be precise as described in the BOM :slight_smile:

Oops missed that detail… Thanks :blush:

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