Right direction

By trade I am by no means a pro here so a little help in the right direction would be awesome :slight_smile:

There is a MM module called mmm-mqtt https://github.com/javiergayala/MMM-mqtthttps://github.com/javiergayala/MMM-mqtt

I’m not sure if I’m talking in the right direction here… I’m putting the info in the module but getting nothing back at all…

I have a feeling I"m missing something here… once I can get it talking that would be great but if anyone can give me a clue what I’m doing wrong here that would be great!


From the documentation of the link you sent I see these actions needed:

  1. Need to set “mqttServer” to the HestiaPi IP
  2. Set “topic” to one or (if supported) many topics published by HestiaPi. Find the topics list here
  3. Leave HestiaPi authentication params as is because the MagicMirror module says it does not support authenticated messages.

For troubleshooting use your laptop and do that:
Confirm by subscribing from another laptop to all (#) MQTT IDs and listen for published messages while you play with your HestiaPi:

mosquitto_sub -h [HESTIA_PI_IP] -d -t hestia/#

[copied from here]

Yeah tried that… nothing reports back except this:

*** MQTT Client Offline ***

Basically what was supposed to happen here was there was myself and another guy he was the programmer… i have only been learning js for about 5 months now… so I have no clue about mqtt and guessing in this case just isn’t going to cut it… at any rate he bailed out and I’m on my own trying to figure this all out… and honestly I feel a bit overwhelmed by this. I hear ‘it’s not that hard’ but when you have no idea what you’re doing it is that hard…

I do appreciate your input.

Well it would appear as though I have it showing the humidity… and temp but I have to run the module twice in the config to do it… I’m going to try to see if I can perhaps do it as an array so I can enter more than one topic at a time so I don’t have to run the module more than once to get the data…


What you describe is not standard MQTT method. MQTT has single topics for each variable you want to get. Not multiple values squeezed in one topic. So the Magic Mirror (if it wants to get more than 1 parameter like temp and humidity) should be able to support a list of topics that you want to display. So is the screenshot you attached data that you actually got off HestiaPi and displayed on the MM?
Once its done, a proper picture with the installation and the frame on the wall is a must!
Well done

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Yes I have to run the module instance twice to get that data… I tried to run others but no data appeared so I"m getting there…

I’m building a touch screen mirror so I guess you know where I’m trying to head LOL

Yes duplicating the abilities from the therm to the mirror so that I can change the temp using the mirror :slight_smile:

Once I get all done I will be happy to give a proper picture and how I did it of course.
[Of course I did a little math.round to get the numbers but I don’t like the 30.3 kinda numbers ;)]therm

In openHAB you get the value with all the decimal points but decide how to display in the items file like this


this means show the dot and 1 floating point, as in 1 decimal point. Does MM support the “modulo” operator to get rid even of the .0 shown in your image?

It’s JS so this is probably the method…

var num = 15.46974
num = num.toFixed(2)

I will ask about modulo… that just makes MUCH more sense!!

Here’s another thought I had…

Running it in an iFrame container…since my ‘mirror’ is touch I can manipulate the controls :slight_smile:

I would have to create a new sitemap as I’d only want certain elements … I tested it and it works actually great!! :slight_smile:

It’s taking a big shortcut but it does work… My thought was until I can find a better way to manipulate the data [better js skills ;)] then this would give me what I want and I’d have time to write my own thing.

If you go into the trouble into creating an additional sitemap you will get the data yo want but you also get the colours and style (look and feel) of HABPanel from OpenHAB and not MM so the aesthetics will not match on your mirror… Just saying

I couldn’t agree with you more!! The more I really thought about it today the more I came to that conclusion because I cannot change the colors etc…

So now I have to figure out how to make a clickable event for the mirror :slight_smile: For changing the temperature.

Tried to use the # as the wildcard for topic but it won’t return anything because for some reason it’s not returning the in/out stuff…just the out stuff.

These are the only two values that will return:

hestia/local/temperature (OUT only)
hestia/local/humidity (OUT only)

The rest no.

I’d like to Thank you for all your help but I just do not have enough skills to get what I want out of this so it will have to be boxed back up and I’m going to have to buy a therm that has an API that I can use… it’s about 3 weeks to winter and I cannot wait any longer… :frowning:

Thanks again for all the help and I really wanted to bring this to MM but I’m not the person that has the ability to do that…hopefully someone will.

If there is another member of the MM community that could get in contact with us we would be glad to assist. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to implement this customisation due to limited time this busy period of the year but also due to lacking a Magic Mirror hardware installation in our lab.
If time permits we will try to help ASAP in the future.

+1 - building a magic mirror is on my todo, but it’s way down the list. Won’t get to it until next year at least :slight_smile:

I am in exactly the same place with Greg on MM. Just need to get some free time… :slight_smile:

Well MM really isn’t that difficult… I would suggest that you do your homework…

Pi’s are nice but are limited and some of the things that are asked of it are starting to be out of it’s range…
The idea was to create things like the thermostat but MM is asking it to do much more so at times it’s buggy and gets bogged down…

I do have one built with a PI and while it’s okay I needed more sooooooooo I also built a 32" version with a mini-ITX and a real SSD… MUCH faster and that is more inline and gives the power really needed.

Right now I have put the therm aside… I’m waiting on temp/humid sensors that I ordered because that is a project with an api that I can tackle rather quickly…

MY one last hope happened yesterday… I finally found someone who was interested in helping push this along… sooo my hope is I have a legit programmer working on this… to me at this point it’s like Spanish… I can see, read and understand it but know very little about it LOL

To me I’m a few months into learning js and honestly PHP is much better for me… but… everyone kept saying JS is easier… well okay then… My education is in education, not programming. In hindsight I wish I had followed my heart because it was in programming… but I was ‘pushed’ in another direction… and as it is there are NO local classes I can take so this has been a self taught thing…painful as it’s been.

SO as far as the mirror I wouldn’t be in a big rush for that… the longer the wait the better it will become… so we can find the bugs and endure the growing pains :slight_smile:

Right now where I was stuck was I could only see temp and humidity and I couldn’t get anything else to report back… like changing the temp.

I thought I had it moving along then the NEW 3d printer I JUST got went up in flames… literally… [still waiting on RMA for that]… I was printing the case and POOF… flames… sooooooooooooo… :slight_smile:

Which case? HestiaPi’s ?

Yes, but it was the printer that went belly up not due to printing the case… apparently so I found out it is common with this printer…

Stupid question here…

Why is it when I subscribe to a topic it only returns 2 items?


Should return all topics…but it only returns Temp and Humidity…

“There is no such thing as stupid question”

The reason why you only see Temp and Humidity returning is because MQTT is like a radio tuned to a station. You only listen to people talking. While you are subscribed to a topic (or all topics /#) only Temp and Humidity changes occur and get broadcast. I guess if you select any button like Increase Setpoint you will see it arriving at hestia/local/#.

Let us know

Makes sense … I have to go back and ask in their forum because this is where I"m really stuck and have no clue how to do… so I will let you know… I’m feeling like a yo-yo LOL I get stuck and think I’m at the end and it’s over then something happens that pushes me forward…