Screen bliking very rapidy

Hello folks,

I try to install my new HestiaPi on my wall, plugins the three wire coming from my heat device. When I put the power back, the screen start to blinking ver very fast but nothing appears.

I uninstalled the hestiapi and plug a rapberry pi power supply on the Pi Zero. It boots and the screen was waiting for me to connect to the HestiaPi network.

I repplugged it on the wall, but the same tricks came again, the screen start to blinking very fast.

Is somebody have a idea of what’s going wrong?

Thanks in advance for your advice


I believe either the LCD is not aligned correctly or the case is stopping the LCD to get pushed down enough.
Just to troubleshoot, I would remove the LCD from the cover, plug it on the HestiaPi correctly and try booting.
If the unit was purchased from us, it has been tested fully so I would believe it is one of the two scenarios.
Please test and report back here. Maybe you just need to push (gently) further in the cover or pay attention to the pins getting aligned with the Pi.

I tried you suggestion, but the result is still the same (I sure to put the screen on the correct pins).

Could it be something wrong with my heat device?

I used to have a qivivo thermostat and the first release they send me does not work with my heat device and they had to patch the hardware and send me another hardware.

Thanks for you help.

The wires from your heating system need to provide 100-240V AC and about 3W of power on the N and L wires. Can you test that with an AC multimeter? You are dealing with mains, so make sure you know what you are doing? If this is an undervoltage scenario, remove the SD card before reconnecting. Once you get a nice white blank screen then reinsert the SD and press the reset button. Sometimes it helps to share a picture of your wiring going into the HestiaPi board.