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Probably not needed for standard operations, but I have an older HestiaPi 2-relay 110V unit monitoring the temperature and humidity in my server room. Nothing is being controlled, nothing connected to the relays, BUT, I would like it to send me an email if the temperature goes over a certain temperature - can be the HestiaPi’s Max setpoint. Is this possible?

Are you referring to this?
If that’s the one you are talking about you would have to set this up yourself as this is something totally different (in software and hardare) to the way HestiaPi works today and we don’t have access to that any more.
The sensor used is DS18B20. Fairly popular cheap temp sensor among the Pi community.
Here are a few links to point you to the right direction:
or a more generic google search:

Let us know if you get stuck and we may be able to help you.

For completeness, I can provide a rough outline for the v1.1 of HestiaPi Touch and describe how to do it in v1.2 which will be released sometime.


  1. Install the Mail action under PaperUI -> Add-ons -> Actions
  2. Configure it as documented at (NOTE: if you are using Gmail and have two-factor authentication enable, you will need to generate an application password.
  3. Add a Rule to default.rules along the lines of:
rule "Email when temp is above the setpoint"
    Item MyTemp changed or
    Item TempStepoint changed
    sendMail("", "Temperature Alert!", "Current temperature is " + MyTemp.state + " threshold is " + TempSetpoint.state)

Dealing with limiting these emails so it’s only send when the temp initially goes over the setpoint and then not again until it drops back below the setpoint is an exercise left to the reader.


  1. Install the Mail binding under PaperUI -> Add-ons -> Bindings, documentation is at

  2. Create an SMTP Thing by going to PaperUI -> Inbox -> + -> Mail Binding -> SMTP Server.

  3. Populate it with the information for your server. Be sure to fill out the Thing ID field with something meaningful (e.g. gmail).

  4. Create the Rule, navigate to PaperUI -> Rules -> + -> New rule.

  5. Under “When…” click + -> select “An Item state changes”. Enter a meaningful name and description and select MyTemp as the Item.

  6. Repeat 5 and select MaxTempSetpoint as the Item.

  7. Under “but only if…” click + -> “a given script evaluates to true”. Enter a meaningful name and description. Select ECMAScript as the Script Type and enter the following JavaScript code:

(items["MyTemp"].floatValue() > items["MaxTempSetpoint"])
  1. Under “then…” select + -> “execute a given script”. Enter a meaningful name and description. Select ECMAScript as the Script Type and enter the following JavaScript code:
actions.get("mail", "mail:smtp:gmail").sendMail("", "Temperature Alert!", "Current temperature is " + items["MyTemp"] + " threshold is " + items["TempSetpoint");

NOTE: there might be an option to select “send a text mail” in the list. PaperUI is not able to actually configure the Rule using that at this time so do not select that.

Documenting how to do this was on my todo list anyway. I’ll come and add screen shots and clean this up a bit later in it’s own post/thread.

No, it’s this model:

Thank you for the quick response, though. Looks like rlkoshak has a solution - hope to try it soon.

Fantastic! Thank you so much, hope to try it soon.

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