[SOLVED] API endpoint for current temperature [Classic]

As part of the Hestia_MQTT project, I wanted to get at the current temperature reported by the sensor. I found this in /opt/boilercontrol/scripts/gettemperature.sh which is fine for local access, but I don’t see an API endpoint for it - certainly it doesn’t seem to appear in the status API JSON:

[greg@sapphire]$ curl http://hestiapi/api/heating/status -u pi:hestia|json_pp
  "Water" : "ON",
  "DesiredTemp" : "21.0",
  "WaterBoostTime" : "0",
  "HeatingBoost" : "OFF",
  "Heating" : "OFF",
  "boostTimeW" : "30",
  "WaterBoost" : "OFF",
  "HeatingBoostTime" : "0",
  "Result" : "OK",
  "boostTimeH" : "30"

So, some questions:

  1. Did I miss that endpoint somewhere?
  2. Is it easy to add?
  3. Would that be a welcome patch, and where does it go? (I assume https://github.com/HestiaPi/hestia-web-stable)


I should add - being able to get the temperature remotely will remove the need for Hestia_MQTT to run locally (although that’s still an option of course). This is a big win for those that aren’t comfortable modifying the core HestiaPi image.

Nope :slight_smile: There isn’t one

I don’t know how to do it.

Of course as long as it does not break existing functionality. I totally understand how cool it would be to get rid of the local instance of Hestia_MQTT!

Fair enough. No promises, but if I get time I’ll look into it :slight_smile: