[SOLVED] PCB V4.0 Information needed


sorry for my bad english. I need the front and backside from the PCB of my pre-assabled HestiaPi . The Version is V4.0. My Problem is my heater needs a galvanic isolated switch from the relais output. So I had to hack the PCB. I must cut some conducting paths and solder some cables. I will use the cable clamp from the hotwater part and that one for heating and connect it dirctly to he relais switch.
For Information: I dont need the HotWater part.


Here you are
People, dont use this to make any PCB as it has a few pending modifications. Use it only for reference.
It doesn’t offer any new features apart from being a bit smaller without the bump at the bottom left corner.

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it is easy to make this working for my heater:
galvanic isolated heating contacts

greetings Gerhard


Thanks for that Gerhard! Really helpful for others too!