[SOLVED] Shipping taking forever

Is is normal to have several month shipping time to the US? My order has been in Athens since 11/1/2017.

No, it usually takes 10 working days. Please send me your tracking code in a PM to trace it with the operator. Really sorry about that :slight_smile:

It’s not a huge deal, I know stuff happens and not your fault.

tracking RE715309115GR

Here is how a successful delivery to a US destination looks like:
Yours looks like it hasn’t been registered as received in the US at all. Let us get more info and will get back to you.
We are really sorry about that.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Just got off the phone with the local operator.
The item has left the country on the same day. There has been a delay in the US to update the log but they managed to see that last scan was yesterday in Illinois so it should be with you very soon if not already. They told us that there have been a few delays in the US lately. Please let us know when you get it so we can close this.

Here is a better tracking tool:

Great info and thanks for checking that out for me! The package arrived today believe it or not lol.

I believe it. Original link got updated with all scans all at once:
Enjoy your new toy! Waiting for an installation photo on the hashtag inside the parcel :wink: