Sourcing the LCD alone


I have most components to DIY the thermostat, though I am missing the LCD. Is there a specific part number/manufacturer I can order this LCD directly from?
Looking on Amazon and others, I seem to see LCD replicas to the one LCD model shown on the HestiaPi website, though I haven’t been able to locate the exact LCD model.


I tried many displays, this is the ONLY one that worked for me. I believe it’s the same LCD used in the official HestiaPi. Unfortunately the eBay seller, gowin_electronic, is located in China, but shipping to the US only took 10 days last time I ordered:

3.5" TFT LCD Touch Screen Module 320 x 480 SPI RGB Display For Raspberry Pi B B+

For reference, here is my original thread: How do I get a 3.5” TFT display to work on a RPi Zero W?

This was the replacement I ordered and works

Thank you for the replies. I ordered one from Amazon and it seems to work.

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