Still having trouble keeping my HestiaPi running

This is a continuation of a previous post:

I still cannot keep my thermostat running for more that a few weeks without it becoming unresponsive. I’ve recently tried the v1.2 OS, which seems a little better, but it still becomes unresponsive to the web interface and openhab app after running for a few weeks.

I was able to repair the touchscreen by re-soldering the connections, though. So, at least the touch screen interface is functioning and keeps functioning when the web interface is not.

Here are my latest log files:

I would appreciate any help on this. I still don’t feel I can use it to actually control my furnace at this level of functionality - it is still operating “offline” - powered and on my wifi, but not controlling the furnace.

Thank you.

That link does not work. As the unit doesn’t do that for other people (unless you modify the files, PCB…), I would try to find where yours differentiate and I would focus mainly on:

  1. Power input
  2. Power supply module
  3. The Pi Zero W itself

In order to rule out the top 2, I would unsolder the 2 bottom wires of the power module and power the unit with a good phone charger (5V 3A) either by soldering the + and - at the same spot or if you could fit the micro usb directly to the Pi. Let it be for a reasonable amount of days and notice any change in the behaviour.
Usually such strange behaviour is power related. The Pi’s have been proven a very reliable over the years so I leave little chance for 3.

Sorry I was unclear in my post, but I have been running it on a 5v phone charger for several months now. When I check it every few weeks or so to see if I can get in through the web portal, most times I cannot without SSH into it and rebooting. I have not modified the files nor PCB. I did resolder the pins for the LCD since the touch screen was not working either. The touch screen then worked, but the hang-up behavior was the same before and after the resolder.

I have tried 3 different SD cards as well.

Thank you for the response and assistance.

Get a beefier phone charger. Your reply only supports my assumption.
Just to be clear… I don’t expect the charger to go to 0V or even 3V. It is not its voltage stability that I worry but the amperage it can continuously provide over a long period/humidity/room temperature changes.

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