Super quiet - what's everyone working on?

Well I’m glad we all noticed that the site was down for the last two days - sorry about that! The LetsEncrypt certificate expired while I was busy with another project and I’ve just gotten around to fixing it.

It does seem very quiet around here at the moment! I’ve been very busy with family stuff for the last few months, but now that summer is here and I can risk messing with the heating system, I have plans to:

  • Test upgrading Hestia Classic to Jessie (maybe even Stretch)
  • Finish my RF-based temp sensor network
  • Write fancy stats-based OpenHab rules that can account for outlier sensors etc.

What’s everyone else up to?

Hey Greg,

I’ve been fabricating nano structures using a SEM/FIB machine a lot lately :slight_smile:

In the little spare free time I have I’ve been coding a slim Python/Javascript interface for my Arch Linux install on the Touch Hestia Pi unit. GUI and communication are ready, I still need to work on the backend. The result will be a fast and lean unit with a software PID controller for heating.

Also I’m pondering which option to choose for remote connectivity:
a) to make a script for setting up certificates and dynamic DNS to allow remote control outside the LAN via or so, or
b) to keep it simple and secure and only serve on the LAN (one could opt for connecting via VPN)

I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Jan Bonne

I noticed the certificate thing yesterday (during a “demo” - bloody Murphy!) but didn’t get the chance to ping you.
We are relatively quiet on feature requests and support as it is usually this time of year so we are killing this long to-do list, one item at a time.
We are :

  • preparing the HVAC US (24V AC - common wire) support for both hardware (3D case, electronics, PCB and electrical) and software (UI)
  • optimising the 3D case to make it a bit smaller and introducing a twist and lock technique for the LCD instead of the hooks. We are also in the process of making it injection mold-compatible (subtle hint here).
  • added a more user-friendly technique for setting up the WiFi. HestiaPi starts in AP mode creating a network you can connect to and see a simple webpage where it scans for available networks and lets you choose yours and enter the password. If it connects OK, it gives you the IP, if not it starts the AP again.
  • on a personal note, I made a WiFi (ESP) controller for RBG LED strip via MQTT and of course integrated it in my HestiaPi setup allowing to control on/off, colour and intensity. My plan is to also include a series of patterns that will activate the LEDs in way to look like the TV is on as a security measure, so when I leave the house (and external light sensor says is dark) you will think I watch TV. Maybe I will make this little addon available too in the shop. Should be very simple and cheap. 12V in and +12V, R, G, B (and W?) out to the strip.

Would that be of any help (for dtdns here)?

Thanks! Though this script seems to be sending login details in a insecure way…
I am thinking creating an open connection from the world to the HestiaPi may be less safe than connecting via LAN using a VPN connection. I guess the user should be left the choice.

I have been building our house. We have framing up and are currently waiting on trusses. As soon as we get dried in, I will be running cat 6 throughout the house and getting things ready to install lighting and other smart devices. I put my HestiaPi on hold at the moment. I will be getting back to it when things settle down a bit.

Other than that I have been working on restoring a wooden drift boat. That has been consuming a bit of my time. I wanted to get that finished before the real work of wiring the new house starts.

I like the sounds of the updates coming for HestiaPi! That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Hi Greg @gwmngilfen

I’ve been researching 3D printing and I’m currently waiting for my first 3D printer to be delivered. One of my reasons for getting the printer is to print the HestiaPi case, but also to make cases for my other sensors .
I recently updated my Openhab setup, to the latest update and some how it broke my system, it took me most of the day to get sorted fortunately I’m back up and running now.
Mostly I’ve been getting my house ready to have underfloor heating and radiators installed, believe me in a few weeks time my house will look like a bomb site. On top of that I have to learn how to 3D Print.

But hopefully in the end I will have a fully functioning gas central heating with 2 HestiaPi’s controlling it all,
connected to my existing Openhab setup and some some lovely cases for my smart sensors.

Loving the range of our HestiaPians (just made this word up) skills… from fabricating nano structures to drift boats.
What if in a parallel universe we would all move in a house for a month…?


That script mostly helps in pushing the IP update yourself. I have personally experienced and heard of many routers not handling very well the change of your public IP failing to report to whichever service you are using.
You can always install your own copy of myopenhab too.

My 2 cents, as I have been in that position before, I found onshape (.com) a very useful tool for designing in 3D. It is web/browser based which has its pros and cons and its free version does not limit you in any way. They also have the best hands-on tutorials (screencasts with interactive exercises) I have ever seen. You will be ready to make relatively complex designs in 2-3 days time, I believe.
Which printer you got?

Brilliant, I shall give it a look anything to make the process of designing easier. I’m hoping I can get reasonably good prints out of the box but I know it will need some fine tuning . I decided on a creality ender 3, the delivery had quite a long lead time so I’ve been waiting patiently for it turn up.

@Greylinux ,
As far as 3D printing, you might check out Blender as well. It has a bit of a steeper learning curve but it’s free. We use SolidWorks for most of our design work here at the school I work at. SolidWorks is very nice, but it costs money.

The 3D printer will really open up some ideas for RPi projects and other things. We have had students at our school make everything from dashboards for tractors to model cars for projects. They were intrigued by the HestiaPi project.

I did notice blender whilst doing some research the last couple of days, it does seem like it’s for more advanced users but I’ll shall definitely give it a look. Have you had any experience with freecad? There seems to be quite a few tutorials to help get the basics.

I’m intrigued by the new case when can we get a glimpse of it ?

It won’t look different from the outside and it should have been ready a month ago but then the new power supply for the 24V AC HVAC systems in the US changed our plans (and dimensions). Should have something within June as we are expecting our latest custom PSU delivered for evaluation.

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Oh OK so out of interest I need to get 2 kits from yourself pretty soon ready for installation in late July early august (hopefully the printer is here by then so I can print the case :wink:)
Should I wait till say early July-ish to buy the kits if there is to be some hardware updates ?

If you have mains supply (110V AC, L and N) where the thermostat is, you won’t benefit from waiting the new one. The new one offers a 8-28V AC input supply instead of mains. Also the new one won’t be available in kit format straight away.


Well I’m in the UK so 240v for me , but I’m glad I asked so now I can get my kits sooner rather than later and get to tinkering .

The EU model’s electronics will not change. Sorry, I though you were interested in the US (HVAC) model.

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Its my fault really I skimmed over the info too quickly and though you meant general hardware changes/upgrades.
But as I say its good news all round as I get to buy my kits sooner rather than later .