Temperature chart: showing HeatingState along with temperatures

A follow up on the graphs of the How to customize a Rule tutorial

I successfully set up Influxdb and Grafana in a separate OpenHab instance, and manage to generate @rlkoshak’s graphics with the temperatures. However, I cannot add the HeatingState status, which is ON/OFF in the database. Maybe I should Flux for the mapping? Or use a proxy number item before values are stored?

InfluxDB should store the on/off states as 1 and 0 respectively. So I add them to the chart with a second Y-axis in Grafana with a fixed range of 0 to 2 or 3.

I think this is not my case:

> SELECT value FROM HeatingState
name: HeatingState
time                value
----                -----
1609203600909000000 OFF
1609205662426000000 ON
1609206336431000000 OFF
1609207200911000000 OFF
1609209231059000000 ON
1609209935331000000 OFF

Maybe the How to integrate with another OH Instance needed some tweaks? :thinking: