The obligatory "introduce yourself" thread!


I’m new here and am planning to work on the US HVAC version of the HestiaPi Touch.
I’m an electrical engineer who has barely any free time to spare but always find a way to spend it on electronic/computer/automotive crap. I have always liked DIY projects, especially raspberry pi ones, and hope to see this one prosper into something more well-known.

Feedback on Hestiapi Touch

Hi my name is Tim ,
I discovered Hestiapi through @gwmngilfen Greg on Mastodon .
I’m Extremely interested in this project as I’m about to have Gas central heating installed and this is something I would like to incorporate into my Home automation setup .


Word of mouth marketing, you can’t beat it :slight_smile: - welcome!

No internet but able to configure from outside

:wave: My name’s Sam, and I’m in the US (in Minnesota). We bought our first house last year and have been gradually updating it to more modern standards. I’ve started running cat-6, we’ve repaired and repainted our deck, and soon we’ll be wanting to replace the old, crusty thermostat with something smarter.

I found HestiaPi by searching for “open source smart thermostat” on google. I definitely didn’t want to buy some closed source thing that I’d be relying on large corporations for - I trust them to be neither good nor supportive. I joined because, while I’m not yet ready to set HestiaPi up (we have a four-wire cable, so I’m hoping to rewire with a five wire cable first … although it’s tempting to get one of those four-to-five wire adapters instead), I’ve got some questions to work through and whatnot.

I’m - typically a go programmer (also elm when I write web UIs), but generally good at distributed systems and chaos testing.

I’m also a nerd in general - miniature tabletop gaming, craft beer and cocktails, comic books, and video games are all passions of mine.


Welcome to the club @valczir !
This is the best place (erm… in a new thread) to ask all your questions and find out what HestiaPi can and cannot do :slight_smile: