Trouble Installing Add-ons with openhab

I never had the prompt to log into openhab with a user account which I think is the problem? When I select to install an add-on/binding I just get a spinning circle and nothing else ever happens. I downloaded openhab on another Raspberry pi and I got the prompt and I created an account and that all seems to work fine as far as installing the add-ons go. Is there a way to log into openhab from the hestia? Somewhere I read that this problem could be caused by not having admin access but I can’t seem to find anywhere to do that…

Try this to allow you to install addons:

The log in prompt is disabled by default in the HestiaPi images so this is normal.

That solved it, thank you! I’m really liking the Hestia so far, I’m just using the image and a pi 2, soon to be pi 4 and it’s all worked pretty much flawlessly, great work!!

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