Unnecessary packages on Hestia Classic?

I’m working through a set of package updates on my Classic (bringing it up to the latest Wheezy before I attempt to upgrade it to Jessie) but the disk space is pretty low. I note a lot of packages that don’t appear to be related to the operation of the Hestia itself - I think they’re left over from a default install of a RaspberryPi. @HestiaPi can you confirm these aren’t needed?

  • omxplayer
  • sonic-pi
  • wolfram-engine
  • zenity
  • phpmyadmin
  • penguinspuzzle
  • all the LXDE / X11 / GTK stuff (no desktop is running on the Classic, right?)


Not the penguinspuzzle! It is my favourite on the 2x16 LCD display!
(yes none are needed :slight_smile: )

Great - wolfram-engine alone is over 400Mb, so I’ve doubled my free space.

A dist-upgrade to the “latest” version of Wheezy seems to have gone smoothly (ish, there were a few minor issues to fix, nothing too challenging). I’m going to leave that for a day or two while I ensure it’s all still running OK, and then risk a distribution upgrade to Jessie :smiley:

Also: Backups for the win :ok_hand:

While I have you, I note that the boilercontrol is a Java app, presumably I need to be careful about upgrading oracle-java7-jdk and java-common when I shift up to Jessie?

7 was the latest then and I didn’t fiddle too much with it. Haven’t tested other versions. Can you hold 7 while upgrading to Jessie?

Should be possible. We’ll see - ty for the info :slight_smile: