Update on Store?

Hi HestiaPi!

Discovered this project, it seems last time on this thread it was mentioned that there are plans for a chinase production. How is that going? I could maybe help with european production.

In the end I’d just love to be able to buy one.


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Manufacturing is still halted. Raspberry Pi’s are very hard to find especially in large quantities so mass production is still pending. We know it is frustrating but we lack the resources to redo the same preparation with each factory and then stop because of availability.


If there is interest, I could help with US production at a small scale (sourcing components, hand soldering everything, etc.) or produce parts kits for DIYers. I don’t have the money to bankroll a big operation and stock tons of parts, but if we start small, I’m confident I could make it work.

@Tamas and @hestia_hacker thank you for your offer. We will get in touch directly.

Is it possible to buy a kit without the Raspberry Pi (I have several) somewhere?

Taking this privately…

@hestia_hacker and @HestiaPi I am willing to help out with US production.

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