Upgrade Classic to Jessie

So, HestiaPi Classic is based on Debian Wheezy (I believe) which is a bit out of date now. I’d like to update to Jessie, or maybe all the way to Stretch…

Obvious precautions aside (take a backup, copy the SDcard, etc) is there any expectation that a simple distribution upgrade will fail? Are there libraries in use that are specific to Wheezy?

Hmmm… good question. Some areas to check would be:

  • Java support (you may need to recompile if a different flavour is preferred in Jessie - it was quite picky on JDK before)
  • Starting/stoping the boilercontrol service
  • Partition mounting (normal and tmpfs)
  • GPIO and thermostat protocol mods

had to run sudo modprobe w1-gpio and sudo modprobe w1-therm with current OS version

Reviewing all the installation instructions I see no reason it will not work but deep hidden OS tricks are not my area so I may overlooked something.
As you are selflessly willing again to be our guinea pig, an average documentation will help a lot of people. A good documentation will buy you virtual love and “beer”.

Please post here your findings or if you get stuck somewhere. Do you expect to see performance improvement too?