Upgrading a touch ONE

How easy is it to modify the UI on the touch ONE?
I currently use the original hestiapi touch (V8 i think) with openHAB 2.1.0 but I have done a lot of customisation with openHAB to get it to operate as I like it. I also have added several features to openHAB so its controlling several other things around the house.
It all works fine at the moment but without a working touch screen, also I have seen a few bindings that I would like to try but need to upgrade to the latest release of openHAB.
So my idea is to first upgrade to the latest openHAB then try and use the new touch screen UI method to get my touch screen working but I will need to be able to customise the touch screen layout etc. to work with the set-up that I currently have.
My current set-up uses 3 temperature sensors (two via MQTT) and various rules to automatically adjust temperature set point and which sensor to read from etc.
I’m just trying to work out what I need to do to get the touch screen working with my set-up?
I only need the touchscreen to work the heating and hot water system, not all the other stuff that I have openHAB doing.
Any advice appreciated :smiley:

All parameters the LCD is showing/controlling are actually MQTT topics!
Having said that you can load it in a separate Pi for testing purposes and instead of pointing to “localhost”, point it to your existing (upgraded) openHAB instance running the MQTT server. Then try and match the topics required by the UI to the topics provided by the server.
The UI itself is plain HTML, JS and CSS. Everything is on GitHub. Have a look and come back for questions.
Upgrading to OH 2.4 is definitely recommended. especially if MQTT is used as it is completely redesigned. There are a few guides for migrating your old items to the new items and things. To be honest it is more complicated now but easier to control and develop upon.
Please feel free to share your setup maybe in a separate post for people to get ideas or comment.

I found that upgrading from 2.1 to 2.4 on my existing setup to be rather problematic so decided to use the new HestiaPi image and adjust it to work with my setup. So I’ve ended up with a mix of rules, items etc. From the image and from my setup.
Think I’ve got it working now but its on a different Pi whilst I get it working without loosing control of my heating and water.
The biggest issue I had was getting it setup for mqtt, how that is done has changed a lot but I just copied what was on the HestiaPi image to get mine working.
A slight change was needed to some labels so that they display on the sitemap correctly, kept getting the text of the switch state next to the switch icon.
Had to adjust the rule for system startup to set values if they are NULL or UNDEF, originally just if NULL worked ok.
So my next step is to investigate the touch screen.
I’m thinking of taking the touchscreen off my working HestiaPi and plugging it into my ‘test’ pi. But will the screen plug straight into a pi3 ? Or are the pins different? Don’t think I’ve got a spare zero.

I always work on a Pi3 during development for speed with the same LCD so definitely the image provided works with both Pi 3 and Zero.

Got the touch screen working fine but I need to make a few changes to it. This is where I’m completely lost. I’ve looked through the files but it looks a bit more complicated than what I’m used to.
Is there some software? that could help me. Haven’t really done much with html etc.

We used to have HABPanel (openHAB add-on) for that but we found that it was limiting our options so we designed this new UI from scratch. There is no GUI for manipulating the UI I’m afraid. You would need some familiarity with JavaScript mostly.

The UI is good, just wanting to adjust a couple of things.
I need to add a “timer” button to the hot water options so can select between On, Off, Boost and Timer.
I also need to be able to turn my “Auto Temp” rule on or off.
As I don’t need the humidity control I have already adjusted the mqtt topic so turning the humidity control on or off turned my auto temp rule on or off. All that I would like to do is to change the text from humidity to auto temp, and remove the boost option.
Could also do with removing the humidity set-point page as well.
I’m happy to do this through googling, trial and error etc. Just wondering which file I should be looking in to get me started?

Well I’ve managed to add a timer button for the hot water options and re-name humidity controls to Auto Temp and remove the boost option from its menu.
Haven’t worked out how to get the hot water timer mode shown at the bottom of the screen, just says off when timer selected.
Haven’t been able to remove the humidity set-point screen.