V9.2 image release

Download Link
Google Drive 1.8GB
Filename: hestia-pi-touch-openhab-v9.2.img.zip
MD5 Hash: 4c2a0d1a72cf732fb241baa09e6b4981

Version 9.2 Details:

  • Graphs: See separate post
  • Humidity setpoint logic: See the desired humidity and let HestiaPi do the rest
  • my.openhab.org integration: To help people getting easier remote access from outside to their HestiaPi at home while on the go. Instructions video. Please note that this is an externally hosted service not controlled by you or us. Go to http://[YOUR-HESTIAPI-IP]:8080/paperui and select Add-ons > MISC and install “openHAB Cloud Connector”. Once installed SSH into your HestiaPi (username: pi and password: hestia) and type:
    cat /var/lib/openhab2/uuid
    write the output down. Then type:
    cat /var/lib/openhab2/openhabcloud/secret
    write this output down too. Reboot your HestiaPi
    sudo reboot
    Then go to https://myopenhab.org and create an account using your details and the above information (UUID and secret). You can now access your HestiaPi Touch from a browser or your mobile app (Enter “https://myopenhab.org” as a remote url and your myopenHAB account username and password as credentials)
  • Default SSID settings for easier provisioning: HestiaPi, from v9.2 onwards, comes preconfigured to connect to a default network with SSID: “HESTIAPI” and password “HESTIAPI” (both without the quotes). If you only have access to Windows machines, create a WiFi network with these details before connecting power to your HestiaPi Touch. Once booted, HestiaPi Touch will connect to it automatically where you can SSH into it and change “HESTIAPI” to your regular WiFi network details. Make sure you enter your details correctly.
  • Smart DynDNS updater script: Enter your DtDNS details into /home/pi/scripts/publicip.sh and follow instructions at the top to enable the cron task. This simplifies the way to find your new public IP whenever it changes and also does not rely on your router to support Dynamic DNS in general and DtDNS specifically as a service. DtDNS is a great free tool. Although their website seems slow some times, their service is not! Please consider donating what you find fair.

Other changes:

  • Remove defaultF/C files and update C2F and F2C scripts to use sed for C/F instead of overwriting files
  • Installed rrdtool
  • Update java to Oracle Java version “1.8.0_161”
  • Replace Raspi12 etc OH files with HotWaterPin12 etc

Updated image 9.2 is now uploaded and above link is updated.
No issues reported.

MQTT server does not start in v9 - to fix easily run sudo mkdir /var/log/mosquitto and restart service or simply reboot. An updated image 9.2 is reuploaded tomorrow.