Water temperature sensor


Im currently in the process of building my house and Im considering the HestiaPi to replace the dumb water heater switch that will be installed. I am wondering if the hestiapi could operate a standard solar water heater but also monitor the water temperature while doing so, to further automate the process with thresholds etc.

Obviously to do so a temperature sensor would need to be added to the solar heater’s water tank, but as per your FAQ and this: BME280.py script not pulling set point/current temp the DS18B20 which can be bought waterproof is not supported.

What would you suggest for this scenario?


We stopped maintaining multiple sensor technologies but we believe the code still works.
The DHT file is still delivered (disabled) with HestiaPi but is not tested:

If you have a Pi Zero with Raspbian stretch and the DHT to test that would be your safest option but I am sure if you google around you will find lots of examples.
Once you get the electrical connection with the sensor the rest is pretty straight forward to modify for the UI to show current water temp and adjustable setpoint (target) temp that will be available in the App and the Web interface… We can help with that part :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! I noticed the dht support, however all dht sensors appear to be temperature & humidity sensors, and therefore are not waterproof.
Ideally I would need something like the DS18B20 which is fully waterproof and can handle around 100c. Is there a compatible waterproof temp sensor that could be used?


A quick search seems that it is surely compatible and you will find plenty of sample code for DS18B20.
so I wouldn’t worry too much. Make sure you wire the sensor correctly and you remove the internal BME280.

Excellent, thanks!

I have a waterproof DS18B20 in a hot water tank attached to a esp8266 reports back to openhab via mqtt