When will the HestiaPI Touch case be ready for shipment?

I was looking for Nest alternatives and I use Raspberry PIs for other things so I like the platform. I would like to purchase a couple of HestiaPI Touch circuits however I want the case at the same time I am buying the circuit.

When will the case be ready for shipment? If not soon I may go another route. Please let me know.

BTW: I love what you guys are doing! Keep it up!



Thank you Steve for your kind words. I understand your concern. We wouldn’t release the electronics separately from the case if a lot of people wouldn’t ask “whatever you have ready now” which does not make sense for the rest :slight_smile:
We received yesterday another test design (with 2 more on the way) with new material and is looking good but not perfect (we still get 1’C off readings with the case on).
Here is a sneak peek (in front of this post :P) although this one is definitely not a final one:

Realistically speaking I would expect 2-3 weeks for the final STL file (the format 3D printers like) to be released on GitHub/website and another 2-3 weeks to get the production line(s) up to speed to support the shop.

OK, this is a bit confusing; I thought I was talking about the rectangular one. Why is there two different form factors? What are the dimensions of each?



The cases are not final. We face the issues I described above, hence the delay.
Please be patient :slight_smile:

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Any progress on this? How’s it going…

I can provide the final outside case but is missing the details that lock the electronics in place. It is taking longer than I thought and my industrial designer is somewhat hard to find due to work and vacations to produce the required iterations for testing. PM me if you want it.

I’m willing to wait until you finalize it. Not a problem. Believe me I understand that this can take more time then you’d like it to :smile: Was just curious as to how things were going is all!

Thanks for your hard work!

Since I now need a case, are these the correct files for the US unit I bought? Looks like your comment that the electronics aren’t held in place is still relevant as these are from 6 months ago.

HestiaPi Touch Base.stl Added ‘WALL’ marking 6 months ago
HestiaPi Touch Case.stl Initial commit 7 months ago

Time to find a friend with a 3d printer

Looking at the files I am trying to determine which challenges I will have with the current design. Do the two halves hold together somehow presently or am I on my own for that? Looks like I can bolt the Touch to the back plate with two screws.

It looks like I will have to join the front and back halves together, and probably build some bits in to keep the pieces stable beyond the two screws. The internal stuff doesn’t worry me at all, keeping the two halves together would cause me to pause for a moment.

This is the “semi-final” design.
A few minor tweaks are missing on it. Avoid the “Designer’s proposal” as it lacked some needed ventilation holes.
There is one more part missing too. The complete case will be a 3-part kit.
The base will be slightly modified with a hinge around the edge that will interlock with the 3rd part that will be an extension to the existing base but with the size and shape of the front case.

This design will allow the core base to stay the same while users can modify or completely change the outer looks!
Pushing hard to have everything on github in a few days and proceed with integration testing and minor modifications from real sample tests. Hold on a bit more

OH ok, That is awesome!

Better than my plan to use some form of high strength tape to create an upper hinge then.

This is what it will definitely look like. Any possible change will be “behind the scenes”.

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Any thoughts about making a case out of HDPE?

Is that possible without injection molding? This is an open hardware project easily accessible to people so 3D is the main solution that makes sense.

Yes, HDPE is reusable plastic found with this label:

It can be reheated using an oven or other heat source and if you can make a mold you can pretty make anything with it… Look for youtube videos…

My thought was to make a wooden mold and then put the heated HDPE in it and insert another wooden block and press them together. You can make a box … then put therm inside… of course you a. you don’t want it too thick and b. you would need to create vent holes that can be done with a drill or dremel tool…

I have a 3d printer but have as yet been able to get it working correctly… :frowning:

Sounds like an option! Let us finish the 3D printable files for everyone waiting and maybe try to use a printer to build the “wooden” molds. Please share your progress here…

Will do!! I’d like to see a wooden model! :slight_smile:

You know the same .STL file can be fed to a CNC router instead of a 3D printer too. So pick your favourite material (wood, aluminum, plexyglass) and head over to your local makerspace :wink:

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Well I’ll have to check that out… I LOVE the wood look :slight_smile:

Oh, that case is sweet. Now you’re making me want to upgrade, just as I’ve got everything working here with my Classic … :wink:

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