Why is it so slow to boot?

why is it so slow to boot ? every time it takes about 5 minutes or more to fully start. I am using a pi zero w is it possible to speed it up ?

Thanks Nikki

During the crowdfunding campaign we will attempt to remove Firefox and HABPanel all together as this is something that adds to the boot time. Generally this is only needed once at boot and assuming the thermostat is a 24/7 device we didn’t worry too much about it.

Probably mostly openhab (combined with java). A reasonably light browser + web page can load in 10 to 20 seconds on the pi zero.

I backed the crowdfunding campaign and am quite excited about an open hardware, privacy oriented smart thermostat…

But I am starting to have concerns about the pi zero w’s ability to run openhab… Especially after running across a post from an openhab founding member stating that the pi zero w doesn’t have enough memory to run a full openhab instance.


I am already running openhab on a pi 3 and I’m wondering, will it be possible to run the thermostat in more of an appliance mode? Give it MQTT and Raspbian lite and have it react to MQTT pushes and send some of its own… but keep the logic and the smarts on my current openhab pi 3?

Is anything like that being worked on? (I do understand that the touch interface is habpanel… There would be concessions… Maybe just run a lite browser on it and hook it into habpanel on my pi 3 openhab install).

My custom installation at home includes all the standard functionality plus ~10 remote units, mostly ESP-based, for RGB lights, fan relays, temp/humi sensors and water pump. All talk MQTT over WiFi. The CPU is usually about 5% with a desktop running on the LCD with spikes to 80% on the LCD presses.
We are preparing the non-habpanel version and the difference is great in responsiveness. We design a plain HTML, JavaScript, CSS UI with MQTT over websockets. Just by using that on the same old chromium, there are no spikes and responsiveness is instant.
Once we get a fully functional UI, we will optimise it further by investigating using another browser, maybe kweb, remove habpanel and other minor tweaks. I personally don’t know the installation you plan on running but if it is not something CPU hungry or doesn’t do a lot of graphics (graphs) you should me more than fine.
Please share your thoughts. I may share a video of the undergoing progress for the LCD :slight_smile:

Sounds great. I’ve not yet had opportunity to try the HestiaPi… I was simply concerned by the openHAB forum posts that a Pi 0 W wouldn’t quite be up to the task of running openHAB.

Speaking of my current openHAB installation… is it easy enough to integrate my current setup into HestiaPi or am I starting from scratch? If I use openHAB’s backup function on my Pi 3 and restore function on the Pi 0, will it overwrite the HestiaPi setup?

I am not aware of the openHAB function. Please share so that I can comment. If you have a Pi Zero W you can simply test the “speed” by downloading one of the image files we offer. Of course you won’t have the LCD and the relays and it will be powered by USB but this should be enough to get you going and test just for your concerns.