Wireless temperature sensor

From the old Hestia website:

Additional wireless temperature sensor for upstairs

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That is probably “the most wanted” feature we’ve been hearing…
At the top of our list right now to be added. More info to be added here.

This is definitely achievable through OpenHab too. I’ve got plans in this area but I’m waiiting on hardware to test it with - I’ll update once I have something working :wink:

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Now that the final part of my blog post is up, I can say I’ve got this solved for Hestia Classic. Check out Hestia Classic, MQTT bindings, OpenHAB, and remote sensors for details.

How its the HestiaPi Touch’s turn to do the same.
Well its already done just need to do the boring stuff… documentation :wink:

I know but this is soooooo much easier…to just use Xiaomi hub with their sensors and you get this result…
no mqtt, no openhab…so much easier… :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but this is not the point :wink:

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