External wireless sensors support?

What is the status on external temperature sensors ?

I have found this old post from 2017

It leads to Sonoff TH10 which I believe needs mains power but isn’t electrical code compliant.

What are current options for external temperature sensors (I have 6 zones I would like to monitor) I would like something battery powered, with at least one reading per 5 minutes and that lasts at least 3 months on a battery charge. Is there such a thing ? (of course it should be wifi and mqtt compatible)

We have a functional prototype with all the specs you asked for but this will become available through a crowdfunding campaign once our main campaign is over. We are mostly focusing at the moment on getting this campaign started so we haven’t prepared a demo and code for this prototype yet. Of course it will be open source, as everything on our projects is. If you are willing to make it yourself, we can send you the details directly till we polish off some details. It is a battery operated ESP custom board, with WiFi and MQTT communication back to base. It will also report back battery level so you will get a simple notification popup on your phone that “Porch Ext Sensor’s battery is low” or that “Porch Ext Sensor’s battery appears offline” if it completely dies.

I’d love to have the details of this if you are prepared to share them.

Many thanks!

Not sure how deep you want to go with electronics and custom PCB.
The easiest solution at the moment would be a M5Stack with battery (or USB powered), a temperature sensor and MQTT enabled in order to send the sensor values to HestiaPi. You would then have to disable the internal temp sensor and make the external sensor publish to the same MQTT Topic the temperature value.
Our solution is very similar but with a custom PCB, custom case, soldering and programming involved with minimal documentation that would make your life harder trying to follow.

Thank you! Last time I made a custom PCB, I was laser printing the resist onto inkjet paper - it’s been a while, there’s so much more support these days! I’m confident I could configure something (Pi, arduino, tasmota/ESP8266, etc) to send MQTT messages, that’s probably about my level for now. Never say never though! I look forward to seeing more details when they become available.