Are the devices all unavailable for the US?

Just discovered this project and was super excited to get into it, but i see all models are unavailable for the US.

Is this a short-term thing with any kind of ETA on when they’ll be stocked again or a long-term thing? I also see that the SSL cert expired 44 days ago for this website so that made me a little bummed because i love what i see with this project and hope it doesn’t get abandoned, you guys are doing amazing work and i’d love to buy a device to support you!

Hello @garg and welcome to the club :slight_smile:
The project is not abandoned at all but we are still affected by Covid a lot in terms of free time.
After our successful crowdfunding campaign we sold out any inventory during the process of scaling up production to China which is now paused. We don’t plan on producing any units by hand anymore so once China factory plans are aligned with ours you will hear from us again (with probably 2 different models). Till then I’m afraid there is only the DIY option for you that you will get loads of help on the main website and this forum here.
Edit: Root certificate renewed :wink: Thanks

That’s fantastic to hear! you guys are doing awesome work. I’m trying to find a “Shopping list” of sorts to DIY a hestiapi but google brings me to scattered documentation pages that seem to be mostly out of date. Is there an up to date hardware shopping list? I’d like to keep my DIY build as close to your production build for compatibility and troubleshooting reasons.

I have some raspberry Pi’s lying around and i’m comfortable working with the software side of things but as for the hardware, getting the temperature sensors and what not, i’m mostly clueless at as i’m a software dev and just budding into the hardware world!

In case you were not aware, this is usually referred to as a Bill of Materials (BOM). Here’s a recent thread on the topic that might help. And here is some official info (see the BOM section)

Thanks, I had been waiting for this :slight_smile:

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