BME280 replacement source?

Seems like one of my BME280 boards has failed. Is there a good source to get replacements at a reasonable price?

Hello. First off we would suggest trying to repair it unless you have fried it or something similar. We have seen in the past, bad solder points to lose contact. Refresh solder with your smallest soldering tip and try again.
Depending on your location please try these links keeping in mind that they are community sourced links so check compatibility yourself first:

Lastly, eBay and Aliexpress could be another alternative these hard times :slight_smile: but of course you would never know what to expect in the mail.

Also, watch the pinouts on the new sensor. The one used by the original sensor seems to be the standard (it matches the 4-wire connector), but the new sparkfun one swapped some pins around. The cable can be repinned easily enough, as long as you are aware of this.

Also, if you can’t repair your current sensor and do not care about the humidity part of the sensor, this one is compatible: SEN0372 DFRobot | Mouser Europe

Soldering is typically beyond my skill. I was only barely able to solder the connector onto the replacement I got. This one seems to work fine: