DIY HestaPi hardware?


Yeap, scripts directory is still there:

with more additions.
Browse freely but your scripts are mainly:

whiose return values are introduced to openHAB via these “things”:

Can you take it from here?


I am in the middle of a HestiaPi build. a few questions if I may.

  • The delay in starting the interface is long. Is it possible to shorten this? Even if it is just during testing.

  • Is it possible to change the GPIO pins? I changed them in the default.things file, but it froze up.

  • Would it be possible to locate the relays away from the Pi? I have am in the US with a 4 wire setup. I could easily use the existing wires as the signal wires to the relays that could be at the HVAC unit. This would save considerable room.

  • On the software side, I am confused about the difference between the heating and cooling modes “on” and “schedule”. I can not find a “schedule” heating or cooling mode in the commands.

Definitely a solid product! I look forward to seeing it grow.



The delay is there to allow openHAB to start and the extra UI HABPanel to load. The new UI we use is lighter and this will be shorter. Till then you can try loading the default UI from a web browser but this will involve hitting F5 (refresh!) all the time on your computer which may “add” more to the delay :slight_smile:

That should be enough I suppose. Did you use the right “numbering”. There are various numberings for the Pi (about 3 I believe). Check the numbers we already use to understand which one we use and adjust it.

Can’t see why not as long as the signal on the other side is strong enough and clean to trigger the relays.

Schedule is not yet supported (by openHAB) yet. Cooling is available in the HVAC model and the HVAC version of the openHAB files. See the files with hvac in their name in here:

or type:

ls -la /home/pi/scripts/*.hvac.*

You can enable or disable HVAC with these scripts on the same folder.

Thanks :wink:

BME680 as standard in HestiaPi