Failure to perform

I found that the web page for the basic UI no longer loads on the first attempt. It will load, but with old data then say it is offline. A minute or so later the data will update. Clicking the up or down arrows to adjust the set point also has about a 30 second delay.

The mobile app doesn’t work at all (presumably because of this lag).

Trying to run ps over SSH sometimes causes the data to freeze. I have to kill my SSH client and reconnect to get back in. This happens 100% of the time when I attempt to run top (it loads the header at the top, but no information about any processes).

Having I/O suddenly freeze is unexpectedly, even if the CPU is at full load, I wouldn’t expect that… Memory usage is full, but not using much of the swap space.

I put nginx on my HestiaPi One, set up DNS (on my DNS server, not on the pi), TLS, and have a static IP address.

So I guess my main question is: is there any way I can have TLS and have a functional unit? (maybe remover other services)

Related question: is there a practical way to debug this? I would like to see how much CPU time each process has used so I can confirm that it is, in fact, the TLS that is causing the trouble.