Fan options and schedules

I have seen several posts that have asked about turning the fan off for heating and cooling as the HVAC system does this automatically.

Here is one approach that might work.

  1. Have an option to have the fan turn on with heat and one for cooling.
  2. As part of these have a schedule for each one that will allow the fan to be cycled on and off based on this schedule.
  3. Delay start option that a user can change for radiant heat that has a fan requirement. This is need as you need to have the coils be at least 75% or greater heated before turning on the fan.

I agree. Also for non automatic HVAC it may be wise to keep the fan running for x minutes after heating or cooling element stopped

You are correct, I just forgot to add that.

While we are on the topic, there’s the feature of intermittant fan use. It would turn on the fan for n minutes, and off for m minutes. For example, on for 10 minutes, off for 50. Or 10/20 or whatever.

The goal of this feature is to improve indoor air quality. That could be removing pet fur, dust, disease (for HVAC systems that have a UV light to kill living things), volitile organic compounds (for HVAC systems that have filters that can handle VOCs), and so forth.

I expect these fan features will get queued up after OH3 and having a schedule.

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