GitLab image generation question

Good day @hestia_hacker
I looked (really glanced) at your gitlab site HestiaPi · GitLab and did not see how you generated the image. Would you be willing to share/point the image generation repo/scripts? Now that winter is here, I hoped to add a way to change the hostname, default user, and password. Because I have three buildings I want to install these into, it is a little bit of a pain to ssh into each one and change things or maybe I will just write a script to do it. Also, I want to tinker with turning the backlight off for the screens I got. From what I read on the Pi forms, it should be possible.


Lets split this off into a new thread.

The code is at Public repos / raspberrypi-automation · GitLab and the automation code is in .gitlab-ci.yml file.

Even if you are not familiar with CI or yaml syntax, you should be able to pick out the commands to build a HestiaPi image.

At the core, it’s just getting a stock raspberry pi image running and then converting it into a HestiaPi image.

PLAYBOOK=upgrade.yml ./ arm1176 bullseye

PLAYBOOK=hestiapi.yml EXTRA_VARS="hestiapi_version=v1.4-dev" ./ arm1176 bullseye
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