Heating Boost problems

Boost seems it is not working properly for me (hestia-pi-touch-openhab-v8.img).

If the setpoint is lower than room temperature (so normally there is no need for heating) and you press Boost button, relay doesnt change state (remains LOW)

Is this the normal behaviour for Boost?

Could you please check your post. What you describe seems normal behaviour so i guess there is a mistake somewhere in the post :slight_smile:

I may have guessed the misunderstanding. Boost, is not an override of the current target temperature. It is an override of the (not implemented yet) scheduling. So you may have it setup to have heating 6PM-8PM but you also want now for an hour. Then you press Boost and the original scheduling remains but you also boost it with some additional heating now. Is that better now?

Thanks for clarifying.

It is still useful at the moment. You can set Boost for 3 hours, go to bed and when Boost ends, the thermostats mode goes OFF.

I would suggest a new ‘Super-Boost’ mode on future, that would ignore the setpoint, the current mode and the scheduling.

Thats the idea, yes :wink:
About the “super boost”, how would you describe its operation in terms of logic?

Sounds to me that it’s the same as Boost, but ignores the setpoint - that is, if $temp > $setpoint then heating == ON

Okay… who else would want that?
The only problem is that we are seriously running out of LCD space :slight_smile:

Hands up for super-boost!
I have run my temp sensor into the lounge - being the central, and most occupied room in the house - most of the time this works fine, but we have an open fire in the lounge so this room can get quite hot therefore switching off the heating and allowing the rest of the house to cool off.
It’d be lovely if I could hit super-boost half an hour before going to bed and not freeze my bits off

I totally see your user case. There are also a few more scenarios requested, some being mutually exclusive. I can see an emerging need for a configuration manager. A tool (or simply a sub-page on the web UI) where one can select what features they want on or off. I can adjust the rules accordingly but my concern is on the LCD UI which is not that flexible. We could have a basic LCD UI that shows enough information but the advanced features would only be available on the web UI.
Needless to say this would double/triple the maintenance needs in time and difficulty as two/three different versions would need to be maintained whenever a small changed is made. Any experience in such issues to be shared here would be welcome…

I thnik it’s perfectly acceptable to have basic config available on the LCD and advanced stuff in the WebUI. Could you make that the normal way to do things and avoid increasing the overhead?

Alternatively, this could be a community-contributed feature… if someone’s got the time to hack on it. I’d volunteer but I definitely don’t have time right now (not until July at least … :stuck_out_tongue:)