Hestiapi Display Cover Idea

So after seeing some threads on brightness being too bright, and myself having the same issue, I took some/a lot/maybe a little too much time working on an idea. This was my first print with the idea and a simple prototype.

The screen itself is one layer (0.2 mm high) and is able to be seen through. I tested a few different layer heights along with trying with white but ended up with black with 0.2 mm height as it seemed to be the best. I have to do a little more work on the mounting brackets and find a better way to print it as i had to use a scraper to remove from the glass plate which ended up putting a few holes in the thin screen.

Google Photos
Google Photos
Google Photos

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free.

What about sticking a thin film between the screen and the inside cover so the outside of the case stays unmodified? Or am I missing something?

Yeah, that had crossed my mind. This may have been more of a project to learn Freecad for myself :slight_smile:

Well that’s a good enough answer for me! :smiley: I think most of us here wouldn’t have gotten into this project if we didn’t enjoy tinkering to a degree.

One thing I like about your design that could be very practical is mounting a piece of plexiglass instead of a screen to prevent kids from tampering with the temperature or breaking the touchscreen running through the hallway.

Very nice idea! :clap:

Kids don’t do that… :roll_eyes:

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