Initial Boot, No IP, But Connected to WiFi, Reset?

On boot, I connected to the device on its SSID, added my SSID and password. It shows connected to that SSID, but has an IP of, which is not my network range. My router does see the MAC address of the thermostat, but no DHCP address given out. Could it have shipped with a static IP, and if so, how do I remove it? I don’t have easy access to an SD card reader but could get one and load the card to edit files. Would be easier if there’s a way to reset to defaults…


Which image did you use? Reflash the SD when you get a card reader. There is no “Factory reset” switch I’m afraid

@jdhoover has the 1.3-dev image. is the address that is used when the HestiaPi is serving up a wifi access point. In your case it should no longer be booting into that mode because you’ve already done the wifi setup.

I agree with @HestiaPi that re-flashing the image after you get an SD card reader will be the easiest way to recover.

If you are interested in the code that implements this, it’s Turnkey. Specifically, line 192 that loads the status.

Line 208 of that same file is what would enable the AP and set the IP address to

Conversely, dhcp is configured on line 163.

Confusingly, the turnkey author called the file config/dhcpcd.conf.disabled because they were disabling the static IP address. However it does enable dhcp. If you’re familiar with dhcpcd config files, that can be verified here.

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