Interface and operation speed issues?

Hey Guys, after getting all the parts together, is it normal for the pi-zero to take between 15-30 seconds to start the fan, or engage functions?
I got it on the wifi, and I was able to interact with the touch screen, and even enable/disable the fan and furnace, however, it seems to be very slow?
(I am used to over building things so my expectations may be unreasonable.)

Yes, that is normal. If you are not running the 1.2 version of the software it will be even longer. The RPi 0 is a little underpowered.

It doesn’t normally take quite that long for me (using a rpi zero either). Once a setting has been made there is a few seconds delay before it applies the new temperature or other settings made then the relay’s audible click is made. When you say a 15-30 second delay are you saying you don’t even hear a relay click for that long?

I think some delay should be an important design feature to prevent compressor damage or unnecessary lockout periods. Say, 3 seconds. But there should be some form of visually communicating that countdown to the user. like a progress bar.

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