Lcd boot page error

Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading all I could on this site, and am attempting a custom build with a rpi3, rpi lcd touchscreen, AdafruitDHT22, and a waveshare relay board as a proof of concept.
I followed the manual software instructions and seemed to have all working until the autostart of the local hestia page.
After ~20 seconds the countdown page throws a popup that says
SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin"file://" from accessing a cross-origin frame
Press ok button and the 399 sec count down resumes…

I verified that chromium was started in the script on boot, with the --disable-web-security flag that I thought would suppress that error. So now I’m confused.
I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, if someone could provide some suggestions on what I can check, I’m sure this is very close to being able to fully test and convince my wife it will be a better solution…

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Welcome to the club Aaron ! :slight_smile:
Did you start with this image:


Latest chromium version is more strict on redirecting from the “Loading” screen with the countdown to the actual UI with the buttons etc so the flags are ignored. Try removing it and installing an older version. We know:

Chromium 56.0.2924.84

Just letting you know that we will be releasing a new UI with more features and more responsive very soon which I believe it will be something you will want to move to.

Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate the welcome message and support.
This sounds promising because I am actually using the latest buster release with chromium 74.0.3729.157-rpt5, so that may very well be it.
I will try again using stretch and verify it’s using that version of chromium, and update results here.

Thanks very much for the advice, looking forward to the UI as well. This looks to be a very interesting project and seems very well done. Kudos on the work you’ve done thus far.


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For documentation’s sake, I would update this thread with my results.
Switching to just the stretch image brings with it chromium 72.0.3626.122-1~deb9u1
which had the same popup error for me.

Uninstalling chromium
sudo apt-get purge -y chromium*
and installing suggested chromium package (obtained from the link in this rpi forum post) did resolve the issue and now I have the heating page successfully loading.

Thanks for the help.

Excellent! Thanks for reporting back.
I assume the top bar with the ‘white’ text and icons is not shown on the actual LCD and this screenshot is from your workstation…

That is correct. I think it was there on the initial bringup but is not present on the lcd screen after reboot.

I’m stuck on the same problem.
I tried to downgrade Chromium, but as soon as the apt does an upgrade… boom, again.

Is there any “stable” solution ? My house is freezing.

Forgot to mention: I’m using the newest HestiaPi image, the 10.4

What do you mean? Is this done without your control? The version from the crowd funding pledges will be released soon too. Please try the above ‘temp’ solution and keep an eye open for the release on the usual places we post news.

I did a full reinstall and avoided to do a manual apt-upgrade through ssh. Usually it’s the first thing I do…

Anyway, if I don’t upgrade manually, everything seems to be fine. Still, being unable to upgrade the distro is a bit bothering me. Hopefully the next release will be a bit more resistant to upgrading.

Thanks anyway,


It is :slight_smile:
Thank you

Same issue here… Still