New member looking for list of features

Hello all, I am into home automation and 3D printing and have designed an Arduino-based oil + propane fuel monitoring system that works with openHAB. It’s great to see a project like HestiaPi, an open source thermostat is a great idea. I’d like to give it a try but first I need to determine if it will work in my application.

Is there a feature list available?

I’m hoping to employ different types of hvac modes: forced hot air heating (need heat + fan relay closures), baseboard heating (heat relay only), a/c (cool + fan relay closures), dehumidify (heat + cool + fan) and circulate (fan only). Ideally, all thermostats in the house would be able to talk to each other and allow the user to control any thermostat from any other thermostat as well as via mobile app or VPN-accessed webapp. The ability to use remote temp/humidity sensors would be great as well (zware, sonoff etc).

Hello and welcome to the club :slight_smile:

As the feature list is an always changing list you will have to check the latest Release notes every time as each release adds new features. Right now we are on version 8 and you can see this under the Make section:

Right now we provide 3 hardwired control points. 2 relay-protected and 1 unprotected.
We have unofficially integrated with great ease many Sonoff models (SW, TH, POW…) using the Tasmota firmware and MQTT which is by default enabled in all HestiaPi Touch units. Using MQTT we allow almost unlimited amount of external contacts and sensors to interact with the HestiaPi main unit.

Share your thoughts here if you see an issue with your plans :slight_smile:

Thanks, I just read how to convert from 110vac to 24vac power here which is the way to go in my application. Looking forward to experimentation!