Quick settings for temperature set points

I would like to add some presets (e.g., 16°C at night, 20°C when we are in the room during the day) because pressing the + button 8 times when I have to wait up to 10 seconds between button presses (to avoid the problem of it toggling back and forth, presumably due to lag) is mighty unpleasant.

I imagine this being another menu with the icon being to the right of the fan, but to the left of the info button. What file(s) will I need to hack up in order to make this happen?

Next, is there some way I can have the UI set, add, and delete the presets in an array of values stored in OpenHAB? I can click around and try to figure it out, but if anyone has a specific section of OpenHAB documentation they can point me to, I’d appreciate anything that will help me understand how everything fits together.

I also want this menu to be able to reboot the pi in the exact same way the maintenance section of the web UI does. The reason for this is that once in a while the pi will fall off the WiFi and there is no way to cleanly recover. I have to unplug the device or hard reset it with the button on the side. I could imagine wanting to also have a “reconnect to WiFi” button in the future. I mention all of this in case anyone has suggestions on how to lay out the menus.

The 1.2-dev image does not have such limitation and handling of multiple presses on the LCD UI was added I believe to avoid these issues.

Scheduling is not supported in openHAB directly.
To simply set “scenes” I would suggest the easiest would be to do in openHAB with a trigger button. Look in openHAB forum for these. Here is just an example. Afterwards you may add a cron rule to enable/disable the button automatically. All these of course will have to be controlled from the app or web UI and not simply from the LCD. Custom page on the LCD will need to be added for this…

The main logic you would need to implement after creating the icon on the LCD, is to either run a script to reboot (not very elegant) or “export” the OH’s reboot button via a new MQTT topic and then have the LCD publish to this topic to trigger the reboot.

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