Reducing Boot Time

Alright, I searched for this, and I feel this is a super noob question, but how do I get rid of the 10 minute countdown between reboots? Something like 20 seconds should be fine for me, now that it’s on my network. Is there a config file somewhere I can edit that I’m missing? Cuz I can’t exactly have a 10 minute boot time for my thermostat, ha.

It’s not like we want it to take that long. That’s as long as it takes. All things considered, the RPi 0 is underpowered for what it’s running. It used to take a whole lot longer and it took a ton of work to bring it down to where it is now.

Ah, ok, I thought perhaps it was a countdown until booting started, but that’s just total boot time. Can I swap out for an RPi4 or is the form factor not similar enough?

Sure, you just need to modify the PCB (for the larger footprint), the power supply (for the higher consumption), the plastic case (for the larger size and MUCH higher heat dissipation needs) and then upgrade the OS to something that will support the newer chips used in RPi4 :slight_smile:

As a developer, I can assure you that I don’t enjoy a 12 minute boot time, because I restart my test thermostats far more often than I restarted my production one.

If you can manage to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, that will speed things up somewhat with its faster CPU, but it’s still stuck with 512MB of RAM. The exact same image will work just fine on there.

I have exactly one of these boards which I have in a HestiaPi that I refuse to sell because I use if to testing purposes. I do so to make sure people can upgrade if they can get the hardware, but all my normal development and testing work is done on the Zero to make sure it’s solid. It’s slower, but I don’t want to risk running into that good ol’ “works on my box” problem.

Also, if you have a hook up for getting Zero 2 boards at a reasonable price, please do let me know! I’d love to make a faster version available.

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