Replacement LCD/touchscreen

One of my touchscreens broke and I can’t seem to find a sure replacement. I’ve never been really happy with them, so it’d be nice if it was a capacitive touchscreen - I wouldn’t expect that to be hard to find since it’s so commonplace now. Yet at the end of the day, my search is coming up blank for either. :confused:

Any ideas where to get a replacement display? Thanks

I’ve tested both the ones being sold under the Kuman and Dorhea brand names and can confirm they work. I haven’t found a regular supplier, but there’s usually someone on Amazon who has them.

I’m not aware of anyone getting capacitive screens that are compatible. I agree that it seems like they should exist, and if you find one, let us all know, especially if it is a drop-in replacement.

This is the one I use from Digikey