Smart Thermostat Integration

Good Day,

We have an HVAC application that we would like to integrate with the Smart Thermostat. Where could I find the API and documentation to do this.

Hi Ali, and welcome to the forum.

This project uses OpenHAB 2 and the documentation can be found at Introduction | openHAB

This means if you interface with the OornHAB API, you not only are compatible with the HestiaPi, but also every other project that uses OpenHAB 2!

It is worth noting that OpenHAB 3 will not run on any computer without a FPU, which includes the Raspberry Pi Zero W which is used by this project. So you will want to be careful not to get switched over to the OpenHAB 3 or 4 APIs.

If you run into trouble, the best place to go for help would be the OpenHAB forums, as they are more familiar with the API than most people on here. Those are at

However, for any questions about how the HestiaPi is using OpenHAB or any of the other details of this project, this forum is the best place to get answers.

If you are willing and able to share what application you’re working on, I’d like to hear more about it.

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