Stock Updates? When can I buy more?

I preordered a preassembled HestiaPi back in January and am happy to have it up and running! I would like to buy more now. I own several AirBNB rental properties and have successfully programmed my HestiaPI in the first unit to sync to my AirBNB calendar. When a guest leaves it automatically turns the heat or AC off depending on time of year to save energy. And before a new guest arrives it automatically comes back on to default settings. Now I’d like to do the same with my other rentals. Any update on when stock will be available again to buy more? Anyone have one they want to sell (US version)?

Also, I’d love a feature to be able to write a message to the thermostat screen and set it remotely via a REST call. Something like “Welcome [GuestName]!” and “Checkout time is 11:00 AM”. I’m mainly a web programmer so I’m not sure if I have enough skill to be able hack apart the software to do something like that. Would anyone know how to do something like that?

I can’t help with the LCD UI part, but it’s a web page and since you are a web developer you ought to be able to figure out how to customize that.

From the sending message part you have several options.

  • If you send an MQTT message instead you wouldn’t even have to do anything with openHAB. The LCD UI already gets all it’s information over MQTT.
  • If you want a REST API, in openHAB you can install the REST API Docs (under the Misc tab in PaperUI) which is an interactive Swagger generated set of docs for the full openHAB API. You will care about the Items section. Then you need to create an MQTT Thing that will publish to what ever topic the LCD UI is listening for for these messages. Link that to a String Item. And then you can send a command to that String Item through the REST API and openHAB will publish that string to the MQTT topic where the LCD UI picks it up and displays it.
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@medeksza to elaborate on that… what you see on the LCD is a browser run in kiosk mode (practically in full screen with no decoration and with nothing but the body of the page showing) displaying an HTML page. See here. Sounds like a fun project and very helpful for you!

Regarding the availability… We were in the process of moving manufacturing to China when Covid arrived and we have literally run out of complete units in our warehouse for some months now.

We don’t expect to produce any more until we get up to speed with the Chinese factories and we don’t see this happening in 2020 we are afraid :(.

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Please accept our apologies.

Is their anyway we can get a gerber file and BOM to build our own boards?

Are you referring to something apart from these:


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