Stuck in a Loading Loop

OK, so the browser isn’t locked up and it seems like your clicks are registering and going somewhere, but not to the applications that we want them to go to.

This is a bit of a long shot, but try SSHing into the pi and running this:

git clone
cd LCD-show
./ 90
./ 0

If that doesn’t work, I’ll want to know about the chips on the back of the LCD screen. I expect that the main chip on there will either say “2046 H1526” or “XPT2046 1914” and it’ll look like one of these photos.

It’s also possible you’re running into an issue that, as far as I know, only @HestiaPi has run into. If that’s the case there is a known fix.

If that fix works for you, I’d be willing to send you a new screen if you’re willing to send me that one. This is a problem I’ve been unable to reproduce and if I had the hardware I could work on trying to find some configuration that works with all these variations of these 3.5" screens which all seemingly use the same chip. I can’t guarantee I’d be successful, but having the hardware that doesn’t work as expected makes it a whole lot more likely!

Also until we get this sorted out, please do all tests with the cover off so we can be sure that’s not compounding the issue. You’re probably already doing so, but I wanted to make sure to mention it in case that wasn’t already the case.