Touchscreen not working with cover on?

First, let me just make sure we’re on the same page about how responsive the touch screen should be. Here’s a video I just took of me tapping on one the units I have on my lab bench.

This is what I expect in terms of performance. For reference, I’m using the build 6185 image, which is the current candidate to become 1.4-dev.

Waveshare models

The Hosyond brand that I’ve been buying uses the same driver as the Waveshare A version. Looking at the pictures, it looks like it’s the exact same thing, as least on the electronics side, which is where I’d expect any delays to be introduced. A low-quality resistive touch screen would likely either not register clicks or register them in an incorrect location, and a low quality LCD could have poor color balance or contrast, but neither of those should cause slow responsiveness. This is the same chip that was used in the LCD screens that shipped out with the initial crowdfunding campaign.

I suppose a way to test that would be to use the screen with some other Raspberry Pi image that uses the screen to determine if it’s the hardware.

The other screens use different drivers and would not work with a stock HestiaPi image (any version). The B model would probably work by just updating the driver. The C model would may very well require additional changes.

Alternative screens

The Waveshare B version does look different. The product page neglects to mention what chip drives that model, but based on the photos, it looks like it has 1805 printed on it. There’s another number that I can’t quite make out, but it looks like it’s different from the XPT2046. It also uses a different driver, which further supports this theory.

I also noticed that there’s a C version that is the same physical size and resolution, but it’s labeled as “High Speed SPI”. The product page says it’s 125MHz, and according to this post the Raspberry Pi should be able to handle it. Again, it’s another driver for this one and possibly a more involved swap.

If anyone wants to try these other models, I’d be interested in hearing how it works out.