Unexpected rebooting

One of my HestiaPis has been rebooting randomly (sometimes an hour apart, sometimes several). Nothing unusual in the logs, temperature seems fine, etc.

Has anyone else ever seen this? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot it?

Maybe the power supply unit is dying or the power input is unreliable. How do you power it up? Can you swap with something else temporarily?

There’s only one way to power a HestiPi, right? :confused:

well… if you power it from a reliable source you can power it directly on pin 2 and 6 using the top diagram here

BUT!!! you bypass all overvoltage and reverse polarity protections you would get if you simply use the MicroUSB connector.
Be very careful and if you find yourself not knowing what you are doing, stop :slight_smile:

There’s also the difference of using the 24V AC to power it versus using an external 5V power supply. I use a 5V supply and haven’t had this problem.

I could imagine a situation where there’s a voltage drop on the 24V AC line when the air conditioning’s compressor kicks on. That shouldn’t happen, but it seems like it’s at least a possibility. If you can figure out any pattern to when it happens (certain time of day, when the cooling kicks on, etc.) it might help us get to the bottom of this and get it fixed for you and anyone who might potentially run into this issue in the future.

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